Meeting the Lions

Today was the first real day. We were thrown into reality emediately, our car would leav 6.20 to the Masuwe park where we do our volunteer work, so we were up very early. It was pouring down outside as we went to the projects, very excited yet nervous. When we were there the rain had already stopped and we sat down for coffee/tea to wake up. The other volunteers went to work already while we newbies got to sit down and listen to alot of talk. Gosh, theres so much to take in, but it's so interesting to learn, and they are all so cunning and have so much knowledge you can ask almost anything, i could sit there all day listening! Everyone are so nice, greeting you and are very very happy youre there and are sure to tell you all the time, it almost makes me wanna cry haha, im so emotional, but it's really nice anyways, i love it :) After our 3 hour introduction we had breakfast with everyone. Now it was time, time to meet the lions. We walked to their enclosures, took maybe 5 min there and you walked in the bush and you could see so far, the lands are immensly huge!! My heart was pounding, so nervous. We first looked at the two girls, the older ones, Vithikazi and Fumani, they came running towards us when we sat by the fence, holding our hands on it, talking and blowing the cats in the face (they love that), they were stroking us and making these cute noises of love. We then walked to the two cubs, we did the same with them, sat down by the fence so they could sense who we were. Then - they opened the fence and the two cubs ran out. Can i just say these cubs are very big and i couldn't belive when they said they'll probably grow to be 3-4times as big as they are now!! They walked in front of us and we behind them, then we sat down on some rocks where they instructed us about the rules. No matter what happens you are not allowed to run-panick-scream. You have to be firm when you say NO to the lions, you can't hesitate and they listen well to it if you mean it, you have to be firm and loud. There were so many rules around the lions, you have to keep and eye on them all the time, not look away for a second cause they will take every opportunity they can. They are not tame. They will attack you(and by attack, i mean play, not attack as eating me, but playing in their world is VERY rough and you do not want to be bitten, jumped on, scratched or played with - believe me. They are still wild tho. The introduction we got was very specific. You have no idea how big and impressive these animals are, i can't even describe the feeling, i felt absolutely terrified and my adrenaline rushed and your body tells you to run and hide whenever the cats get close, it was so insane but i loved it so so much and i just wanna get back to them over and over again, it's such a weird feeling and i have so much respect for them! It's like youre living on the edge of death and you can't believe nor imagine the "kick" you get, you can't help but smile when seeing the lions play and run around, they are absolutely beautiful and lovely, it is truly awesome and the cats are just amazingly stunning. People who do drugs, go walk some lions instead i swear the kick is ALOT better ;) 
We had some introduction for the community program aswell which was so much fun and interesting, can't wait to meet the kids! 
Later in the evening we took a taxi to town to have Pizza, all you could eat buffe, sooo nice with some fat food!! Today we had a client on the lion walk who owned the shop where the famous "Christopher the lion" lived in London, and so we watched the documentary of that after dinner! :) Time to sleep now, up early to walk the cubs tomorrow :)
Viti and Fumi 
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