Saturday means lionday. Woke up and had a really nice lionwalk, they had just been fed the day before so they were a bit lazy but still stalked some impalas and we had a really good time on the walk. After the walk we had breakfast and then me and Maike would go ride but they left without us so we helped with the mice. The mice they will breed and then feed the snakes with the baby mice. We couldn't get into our room cause Courtney had the key so we couldn't do anything, then Sofia came and borrowed us money and then we sat by the coffee shop drinking milkshake. After that i went on an elephant ride with Courtney, we rode Amai, she acually gave me a stick-so sweet. Our elephant handler were awesome aswell. After the ride we went back to AP and had lunch. After lunch we played polo. I had a horse called Midnight Nookie, he was a real bitch, tried to kick and bite and walked over you. It was really fun to play though and i think i keep getting better. We then went for a little ride in the bush so our horses could cool down a bit. Then we came back and had dinner, after dinner i bought waffles for Courtney and Mike then we had hot chocolate. After that they had to play so we just sat talking in the room. Then we had a party, played beerpong, had a fire, music, was nice! :)
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