Last day

So, today is my last full day at antelope park. Woke up early and went for a lionwalk with Arusha and Amani, after that, brekkie and then we went for elephant ride. I had Jesche and he is so huge. Had a really nice time and we rode for a really long time which was nice. After that i packed a bit and layed out in the sun before lunch. After lunch we went to play polocrosse, i had Willows Way. It was so much fun playing, i really wish we had this in Sweden. After that we went for a lionwalk with Arusha and Amani again  and the walk was really really good, then we got back and i filled out my feedback form and then went for the meeting before dinner. Had some waffles and sat by the fire talking. Then i went to pack my final stuff and now im off to bed! 
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