Today we woke up very early for a sunrise ride. We went to the stable and fixed our horses, i had the polohorse Singing Safari. Then we went off for the ride, we rode through the bush while the sun was rising, cantering and trotting. It was so cool and so nice, i have never been riding in the sunrise. We then rode around looking for the safarihorses (they roam around freely), we didn't find them so we rode back. When back we just fixed our horses and put them in the stall and then went for the community meeting. There we just planned about school and what we would do. We then had brekkie and went off to school. When we came there we continued with the Zim map and then did some reading. On the break me and Courtney went to the football field with the kids and we acually fell asleep there on the grass haha. We then went back to class and did some math and Shona reading. After that we went to Mickey Mouse pre-school. On our way there we had our lunch and slept again in the car haha. When we came to MM we first got to choose class so we tooj 3-4y/olds. We came into the room when they were having lunch. After their lunch we helped them clean their hands before play. Then we played with them outside, fotball, colouringbooks and skippingrope was what we had brought. After the play we went inside and helped them tidy up before going home. Then we went off back home. When back home we didn't have our key so we had to go to the cleaner to get it to change clothes in order to go on a lionwalk. We walked Amani and Arusha. They were really cheeky and happy. We ended up talking alot to the lionhandlers and just watched the lions play. It was a really nice walk. After that we hung out in our room before the meeting and after that we had dinner, then waffles and hot cocoa, we then had a quiz night where my team got second place wohooo. Now it's time for bed :)
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