Lunar ride

Today it is my last day at drop-in. Woke up with a crazy Isobel in my room, went for meeting, got attacked by a monkey, had brekkie, then went to town. Went to the outreach and met some of the kids at the place they stay. Then got some groceries and went back to cook. Only Panashe was there today and we did some math and english then played some card games. After a while some  more kids came and we just talked and i were with Allie who is an one year old street kid baby. We then gave them lunch and i had bought a huge cake since its my last day there and they loved it so. Then we went to play football and after that we said goodbye. Panashe was crying which was heartbreaking. I have so much love for those boys. We went back to AP and i had a walk with Africa and Alika, they had just been fed so they just wanted to rest. After that we had meeting, then we went for a lunar ele ride. I rode Jecha the huge male elephant, we saw a falling star and just had a good time. Then we we t back and got dinner. Im absolutely exhausted so now im all snyggled up with isobel :)
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