Disabled school

Today we would go to the disabled kids. Meeting in the morning, brekkie and then off to the school. First we had a tour around, then we played with them outside until we would go back home. Those kids loved me and fighted about me, one kid tried to bit me but some were really sweet. Most of them are kind but they dont understand difference between right and wrong. We played some football, skippingrope and coloured. We also played on the playground. Then we went back home and i was completely exhausted so i slept all way home. We then had lunch and after that went for some waffles. Then i joine the other guys for enclosure cleaning and meatprep. After that we went on research to the wild lions, they had taken down impala so they didn't do much they just slept. We then came back and i took a shower and then meeting before dinner. After that we sat by the bar talking then we went to the fire at sat talking there and now it's time for bed :)
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