Last community day

Today is my last day of community. Had a lionwalk in the morning with Africa and Alika. They were so so playful and crazy. After that i had brekkie and then went off to the school. At school we teached some arts and crafts, then we had a shona exam and did some english reading. When i left all the kids attacked me with hugs and kisses haha, so sweet im gonna miss them. We then went back to AP where we would have lunch. After that we had amilkshake in the sun by the coffee shop and then i figured out some of my pics on Dan's pc and after that we had a volleyball match. We then went for a boose cruise, we found a mutant in the water (catfish) and just had a good time. When we came back we had a meeting and then dinner. We then just sat talking and played piano then went to the fire and had a party and now its time for bed ;)
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