Horse day

Today we got to sleep in a bit to 7, then we went to the stable for our horse induction. First they just talked a bit and showed around then we got to groom some of the Polo horses and make them ready. We went back for brekkie and then off to the stable again where we got a horse according to how we rode (we all rode on one horse and they looked if we were good or never been on a horse), i got the black horse Rascal, a bit stubborn and temperament but he was gorgeous. We just warmed up a bit in the paddock and then went for a ride in the bush. Got to this field where we just got to do whatever we did so we just played around a bit and then Rascal acually threw me off which was hilarious haha. We continued our ride and when we got back we just fixed our horses and then they ran out in the bush to eat grass. Then we went back for lunch and had a little break where we just sat talking and we saw the cat playing with a snake so we had to get some people there to take the snake away and look what kind of a snake it was and gladly it wasnt poisonus. Then we had lunch, watched the guys play football and then hurried to the stable again. Got the same horse as before, i kinda like that crazy horse and we bonded quite well, he just wants to run. Then we tacked them up and off we went for a safari on horse, we got so close to the animals which was cool and we rode in water and on savannah which was just awesome. We went back and did the horses then we had a long break so we just took a shower, gave some laundry to the laundry department, then we just sat talking and i almost fell asleep haha. The daily meeting about tomorrow then occured and some really exciting stuff is happening! Had dinner and desert then sat by the bar and talked :)
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