Failed toy

Sunday morning. Woke up early with Isobel next to me and spooning Courtney to say goodbye to everyone who would leav. So many tears and hugs, i hate goodbyes. After saying goodbye i went on a lionwalk with Africa and Alika. I was so tired from yesterday but it was nice anyways to walk and get fresh air. After the walk i has brekkie and then went off to enclosure cleaning. We cleaned the SK's and all the cubs enclosures, it wasn't that much and the cubs were cheeky as usual trying to take our bags and wondering what we were doing. After that i was so tired so i slept around and hour until lunch. It was really good lunch today. Then i went to make some toys for Arusha and Amani, we walked out in the bush to find some fibre and elephant poop. We decided to make an elephant, so we made the "skelleton" with sticks which we put together with the fibre, then we wrapped it with hay, the head was a lump of elephant poo with berries as eyes and branches with leaves as ears. We put it in the enclosure and the lions didn't like it at all haha it was such a failure. Maybe they thought it looked weird, i acually thought it lookes like a monster and not an elephant haha. We then walked back and i just sat in my room, then we went for a lionwalk with Africa and Alika again. They were really nice today, played but weren't too cheeky which was nice. Had so much fun with them lionhandlers haha. Then we had meeting and met the new volunteers, then dinner and now i have snuggled up in bed with Isobel cause im so tired, early night for me today :)
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