Today we would have a half day so we went to the school. Meeting and brekkie in the morning and then we were off to the school. At school we did some reading exercises and shona exam. Then we went back to AP. When we got back we just sat by the pc figuring out some pics and i helped Maike with updating the stables fb page. Aftervthat we went on a dayencounter. We took out 2k's and one of the s. We spotted some wilderbeast quite fast but the lions were acting very weird. We went further and saw more animals but they didn't hunt proper. Then all of a sudden a lion came and the others were so happy. We all were in shock, the park is HUGE and somehow she climed over the fence and tried to find us. We took the car driving back as soon as we could to see if the other lions had escaped aswell. Luckily they hadn't haha. After that we went back, had our meeting and then dinner. After dinner we bought popcorn, chocolate, sweets and chips and had a sleepover in the movieroom. Before the movie we sat talking which was really nice. We watched some weird movie and i fell asleep 10min ahead in the movie haha. ;) 
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