Last day

So, today is my last full day at antelope park. Woke up early and went for a lionwalk with Arusha and Amani, after that, brekkie and then we went for elephant ride. I had Jesche and he is so huge. Had a really nice time and we rode for a really long time which was nice. After that i packed a bit and layed out in the sun before lunch. After lunch we went to play polocrosse, i had Willows Way. It was so much fun playing, i really wish we had this in Sweden. After that we went for a lionwalk with Arusha and Amani again  and the walk was really really good, then we got back and i filled out my feedback form and then went for the meeting before dinner. Had some waffles and sat by the fire talking. Then i went to pack my final stuff and now im off to bed! 
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Last community day

Today is my last day of community. Had a lionwalk in the morning with Africa and Alika. They were so so playful and crazy. After that i had brekkie and then went off to the school. At school we teached some arts and crafts, then we had a shona exam and did some english reading. When i left all the kids attacked me with hugs and kisses haha, so sweet im gonna miss them. We then went back to AP where we would have lunch. After that we had amilkshake in the sun by the coffee shop and then i figured out some of my pics on Dan's pc and after that we had a volleyball match. We then went for a boose cruise, we found a mutant in the water (catfish) and just had a good time. When we came back we had a meeting and then dinner. We then just sat talking and played piano then went to the fire and had a party and now its time for bed ;)
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Last day at drop-in

Today we would go to school but changed plans last minute so we went to drop-in. As i thought tuesday was my last day i gave them cake and said goodbye but we didn't do anything special. So i thought we could do something today. We brought music/speakers, facepaint, bracelet making, colouring books and lots of games. We simply just had a really good day there and it was a really nice last day for me. The boys were just so happy and you could really see that. We also played football in the end of the day. Panashe made me a bracelet and so i made him one, so we both have a memory of each other and when we look at the bracelet we can think of each other. He is so sweet. All of the boys just couldn't stop hugging me and didn't want me to leav and it was hearbreaking to leav them cause i really do love them and i just wish i could take them home with me. Such beautiful boys. When i came back i just took it easy and rested before the meeting. Then we had dinner and just sat by the fire talking and now it's time for bed :) 
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